Stables Accommodation - Den Hagen Farm

The Stables is a self contained cottage with 2 bedrooms. Main bedroom with double bed and hand basin Second bedroom with three single beds. Bedrooms are separated by the living area with microwave, fridge/freezer, washing and cooking facilities. Separate bathroom with shower, hand basin and loo. The Stables accommodation is suitable for a couple and 3 children. Below is a view of the stables veranda that overlooks the mountains. A braai is also available.



The dining room/kitchen area is fully equipped with electric stove, microwave and fridge/freezer. It has an antique Queen Anne stove for those chilly winter nights.

The main bedroom has a double bed and is suitable for 2 adults. its has its own basin. The second bedroom has 3 single beds and is ideal for children

Summer Rates

Summer Rates (1st October '24 - 30th April '25)

Den Hagen Farm

  • Farmhouse: R475.00 pp (min 6, max 12)
  • Cobblers: R475.00 pp (min 1, max 3)
  • Stables: R475.00 pp (min 2, max 5)
  • Barn: R475.00 pp (min 1, max 2.5) 


Winter Rates

Winter Rates (1st May '24 - 30th September '24)

Den Hagen Farm

  • Farmhouse: R495.00 pp (min 6, max 12)
  • Cobblers: R495.00 pp (min 1, max 3)
  • Stables: R495.00 pp (min 2, max 5)
  • Barn: R495.00 pp (min 1, max 2.5) 


Optional Extras

  • Cooking R50.00 per day
  • Ironing R60.00 per day
  • Washing R60 per load
  • Breakfast from R50.00 per person
  • DSTV R60.00 per day

Payments & Discounts

  • A deposit is required to secure a booking and balance is payable as stipulated on invoice.
  •  Payment details are included on invoice.  
  • A refundable deposit will be calculated depending on the composition and duration of your stay. 
  • If full payment is not made within the specified time period, the booking is not guaranteed and deposit could be forfeited. Electronic Payments are welcome. Please send proof of payment (PoP) with invoice reference.
  • If more than 3 consecutive days are booked with us at a specific place, a discount may be given for additional days booked. Price negotiable for large groups.
  • If more than 5 consecutive days are booked, a free night is applicable.